The Blue Mountains Fall Classic

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Ready to close out the 2020 season at one of Ontario's most iconic riding areas? Join us on what's traditionally been the Blue Mountain Centurion weekend, for a similar but higher-end event, hosted out of the Craigleith Ski Club. If you were worried that there wasn't going to be a September Gran Fondo in the Collingwood area, guess again! The Blue Mountains Fall Classic will be a one day event, featuring a number of your favourite roads that were used in Centurion's of years past. Scroll down to check them out!




The fully timed 40km course will feature and out and back format that will take riders up the picturesque Pretty River Road that will take riders right through the middle of the provincial park. The course will be fully controlled by OPP so participants will be able to race or ride!


The fully timed 80km course will feature some of the best roads in the area including two scenic climbs, one up Grey Road 19 and the other coming out of Beaver Valley. The course will be fully controlled by the OPP and will feature a high-end rest stop for those riders looking to take in the scenery half way through the ride.


The fully timed 135km course will feature three distinct climbs throughout the Blue Mountain's township including the iconic climb to kick off the event up Grey Road 19. With over 1200 meters in elevation, participants will be treated to challenging, yet rewarding efforts through the ride. Did we mention some of the best views and vistas in Ontario? Riders will be able to race or ride as the event will be fully controlled by the OPP.



The Blue Mountain's Fall Classic is the only Gran Fondo in the area that offers riders a fully timed, police controlled course that is positioned out of the newly built Craigleith Ski Chalet. Participants will be treated to the best of everything, start to finish. You have the option of selecting one of the three routes, all which will feature a fully controlled start/finish, high end rest stops, and a post ride meal with a drink included! The team bringing this event to you has over 10 years experience in the Cycling event production space so rest assured that you'll be in good hands!


40km Route

Until June 15: $59  •  June 16 - July 16: $64  •  July 17 - August 20: $74  •  Aug 21 - September 11: $84

95km Route

Until June 15: $119  •  June 16 - July 16: $129  •  July 17 - August 20: $149  •  Aug 21 - September 11: $169

135km Route

Until June 15: $139  •  June 16 - July 16: $149  •  July 17 - August 20: $169  •  Aug 21 - September 11: $189

Online processing fees & HST will apply. Note - all prices rise at 12:00am EST on the dates listed above.




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